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W Main St. Alhambra, CA 91801Birmingham DDP
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 fastest, most reliable and most economical service tenet, in domestic and overseas has complete transportation network, can provide customers with a full range of services. Relies on its rich experience in transportation industry and professional services, business has now spread around the world, the main scope of services includes: the Middle East, Red sea, India and Pakistan, Europe, the landlords, Africa, South America, Australia, and southeast Asia and other places, after years of development, Harison has its strong and reliable overseas agent networks.
1, Sea export Biz cope:
To undertake all of biz from  China to overseas major ports shipping service, e.g. customs clearance , inspection, transportation, DDU,DDP and other one-stop service.
A)To audit clients with all kinds of docs, e.g.  Packing list, Commercial Invoice, C/O, inspection certificate…etc., help clients for  Space booking, customs clearance; also  can provide customers for both of domestic or abroad container sevice, e.g. FCL, LCL, cargoes transportation and chartering business, at the same time also can provide DDU, DDP service. Headquartered in China's third largest port city of Qingdao was founded in 2001, first class freight forwarder by Ministry of Foreign Trade Economy China and JGC member. After many years of hard work, the company has become a set of air, sea, land, sea and air transport as well as warehousing and delivery of a comprehensive freight forwarding companies, and has succeeded in setting up Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen and Shenzhen representative offices. In China, WE ARE GETTING STRONGER IN CHINA ALL AREAS WITH OUR EFFECTIVE TEAM BEING ENLARGED YEAR BY YEAR!

Transportation logistics involves more than trucks ,vessels,airplanes.Constant communication, information and coordination between parties are crucial factors for the successful movement of goods from origin to destination. With reliable and yet flexible logistic partners located at all major commercial centers around the world you benifit from our tightly knit global net work.

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