Sea freight on FCL & LCL达曼           ★★★ 【字体:
Sea freight on FCL & LCL达曼
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Our services are as follows for all type of cargo.
(1)  Airfreight export and import to all continent. 
(2)  Sea freight on FCL & LCL,OOG,Selling used contianer
(3)  Project cargo & Bulk Cargo for import and export traffic.
(4)  Consolidation arrangement weekly, in our approved warehouses.
(5)  Railway Transportation to CIS,Russia,Europe North Korea,Mongolia etc.
(6)  Local trucking and storage.Packing and distribution for personal effects.
(7)  Courier clearing and delivering the same-day.Warehouse to air/sea-port and door to door services.
(8)  FBA Service and Cross boundary logistics solutions
(9)  Exihibition transportation
(10)  the Customs,quay, and customs broker, which can offer declaration,Customs Document For Export,(famous ,Nationality Brand ),making CIQ,CO(C/O),Form-A/F/E, and Endorsed by Embassy, cargo inspection, sanitary inspection and Fumigation, freight collect and receiving L/C etc 
(11)  Supply Chain & Import service(use own IEC No. ) and other local services(QC,translator,one stop ligistics solution,receiveing L/C)The subordinate's declaration company of mine has many specialized staff qualified to apply for Customs, We had built a long-term good relations with many import-export trade company before.To partial enterprise noimport and export licence, we may provide the declaration service andhandles the Commodity Inspection (C/I), Certificate of Origin (C/O), Form-A (FA)-- Form-A endorsed by Hongkong consulate, CO endorsed by Hongkong, Guangzhou, Beijing embassy, Cargo Insurance, Health Certificate, Certificate of Fumigation and so on the trade procedure and documents, the settlement of exchange and make the letter of credit (L/C). The proxy commodity scope includes: Toy, extract goods, clothing, handbag, footwear, plastic product, hardware product, electronic products, ceramic handicraft, furniture, resin handicraft, Christmas present, decorative lighting, ironwork andso on. If you do business like grocery(daily, general merchandise), dry and fresh goods, the refrigeration, the dangerous material and the ordinary chemical industry, we also can help you go through Customs smoothly.
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