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Gres (Tianjin) International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive and professional logistics company focusing on Sea and Air Import and Export, Freight Forwarding, Customs Clearance, Inland Transportation and Warehousing Servicing.

As a global logistics company, Gres is approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of People's Republic of China, and has been officially registered as an International Freight Forwarder in China Industry and Commerce Administration. It has the NOVCC qualification approved by the US FMC.

Gres hired employees with highly creative, flexible and high customer service awareness and skills to work. They are all the owners of the knowledge and experience of the international logistics industry. At the same time, they have the knowledge and experience of different industries. These will help us successfully solve the actual problems and/or specific problems for different customer, to ensure the customer's products circulation safe, cost effective, and efficient. Gres not only provide general cargo service for customers, but also provide more tailored logistics solutions for customers, to optimize and improve logistics efficiency, market share and reduce the cost of products. With the long-term strategic trade partners, Gres International Logistics Co. Ltd. has constructed a global coverage of most countries and city, such as North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia and other more than 50 countries.

公司凭借良好的信誉和服务与多家企业建立良好合作关系。公司主要承揽业务:国际海运、国际空运、陆运、铁路运输、国内海运、绑扎加固 、 整柜、拼箱、等进出口货物的国际运输代理业务。此外,公司海外代理网络遍布全球,我们可以向您提供各类进出口、海空运、报关、仓储、集装箱、滚装船、散杂货等进出口运输服务。同时,公司致力于培养货运行业的高素质专业人才,凭借专业、敬业、高效的团队,向客户提供迅捷可靠的一站式服务;顾客需求是我们不断提高的动力、顾客满意是我们始终追求的目标。 我公司以“诚信、速度、安全”为目标,竭诚为广大新老客户提供优质服务,于广大客户共同发展。


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